For Rent

These are the properties we have available at this time. Please continue to check our page for updated listings. If interested, please go to our contact page and send us a message or call us. Thank you.

1518 8th Street


Unit A: 4BR/4BA

Unit B: 4BR/4BA

Unit C: 4BR/4BA


28 Parkview Drive


Unit 10: 4BR/4BA

Unit 20: 4BR/4BA

Unit 30: 4BR/4BA


700 17th Avenue



1412 9th Street



1216 14th Street



1005 Elmwood Drive


Unit A: 3BR/3.5BA


1005 Elmwood Drive



Unit B: 4BR/4.5BA


1408 9th Street




Unit 101: 4BR/4BA

Unit 102: 4BR/4BA

Unit 103: 4BR/4BA

Unit 104: 4BR/4BA


1004 Oak Avenue

1411 Paul Bryant Drive

Unit 1-4: 4BR/4BA

Unit 5: 5BR/5BA



907 15th Avenue

Unit 2, 3, 8, 12:



1422 Dearing Place

-Main House: 3BR/2BA

-Basement (accessed from the outside only): 1BR/1BA

-Garage Appartment: 1BR/1BA - Kitchen and Den

-Two car garage & Tons of Storage Space